Blog Intentions

This blog is meant to provide educators with ideas and tasks to use coding with their students.

Many suggested tasks will be created with the intention to integrate coding into math class. I also plan to share challenges for teachers to try with their students.

If you have any suggestions for future posts and coding ideas, send me an email or a tweet!

Follow me on Twitter at @lisaannefloyd

Thank you to Brian Aspinall for encouraging me to begin “blogging” and for being a source of inspiration with his own blog.

I also give a shout-out on my About page to other educators who have influenced my focus on integration of coding.  I am constantly learning from these incredible educational leaders and of course, am inspired each day by my own students.  After all, “…teaching is not about you or me, it’s about children and their wonderful minds.” (quote from Professor George Gadanidis).

I hope you enjoy my first official post.  Thanks for visiting!



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